LISTEN: Great News – ‘Secrets’

‘Secrets’ sounds like the sonic embodiment of your favourite desert. It’s a sweet tune made by Norway based Great News. There’s some nods to Grimes in their choice of synths and melody writing; the wandering lead lines and wobbly pitches. The rhythm section locks the song tight, and gives it a bit of bounce – which is needed. Although the best thing about this track really is the singer. It’s refreshing to hear someone sing over a tight electronic song with a bit of grit in their voice.

The initial listens were better as it is starting to sound a bit like The Killers to me now, unfortunately. It’s still a great tune if you like electronic pop music however, and definitely worth a listen. Catch the music video for the track below.

‘Secrets’ is out now. Buy it on iTunes here.

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Harry Hayes
Harry is from the historic city of Canterbury, tucked away in South-East England. He is involved in a number of musical projects including Dreamweaver, Gneng and Bearded Sphynx, and also produces and records artists.

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