LISTEN: George Ogilvie – ‘Nowhere’

Inspired by wanderings through the Isle of Harris, George Ogilvie’s newest track, plucked from his recently released EP, Nowhere, is a pleasant and temperate ditty.

Glossy upon entry, and echoing with sentiments of loss and isolation, ‘Nowhere‘ evokes the work of George Ezra and The War On Drugs, with gentle intonation and faraway backing vocals howling about being in the middle of nowhere, the guitars and other instrumentation sounding just as distant. It’s a mix that requires attention due to its boomy nature, a choice some will dislike. However it does match the theme of the song: wide open spaces, a disconnect between environment and feeling, beauty and sadness.

A downside is that this track glides over you but leaves little lasting impact. It’s very passive. In the moment it’s interesting, but it needs a stronger hook to keep it anchored to your mind. A little more variety of timbre, of dynamics, would make a world of difference. There’s a nice through line in the lyrics though, if you listen closely, regarding consciousness, and loneliness.

Basically, this is a track that will appeal to those looking for delicate motifs and open instrumentation, but will leave those wanting more power and impact feeling lacking. A strong indication of what’s to come on Ogilvie’s new EP, and worth giving a look.

George Ogilvie’s new EP ‘Nowhere’ is out now via Red Afternoon/Believe – available on iTunes here

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