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On Repeat: the place where we round up the most exciting new music releases. Five tracks, all recently released, featuring artists we can’t get enough of right now – so almost certainly you’ll find at least one song in this bunch to add to your playlists.


By now we’d expect you to be familiar with Irish band whenyoung’s unparalleled guitar pop, or at the very least starting to be aware of the group’s devout touring regime. New for 2019 is, ‘Never Let Go’—an arm-in-arm belter of anthemic property but not without a seriously strong and sincere message. “It’s a song about mental health and hope,” singer Aoife explains. “It’s a message to let people know that you can share your pain with others. It’s a reminder that someone is always there for you even in the darkest times. There is always a reason to not let go.” Dreamscape meets cacophony and envelops the whole piece, visualising the dichotomy between internal chaos and the structure of external support. Aoife Power’s vocal is the most enthralling it has ever been, casting a polite presence over the track yet becoming vitally resilient as the song grows. whenyoung hasn’t let us down yet, and with the knowledge of a debut album reaching us sooner than later we’re in no doubt that they will continue on that trend.


‘Homesick’ is the first dose of new material from EKKAH in a couple of years, and for the duo (Rebekah Pennington and Rebecca Wilson) this release sparks a crest of innovation and invigoration. The track shimmers yet sadness permeates, discussing the elements of change and how we often obsess over the process—what if’s circle on each rotation of lyric from the initial verse right up until the eventual climax (where a glimpse of harmonization unlocks fresh perspective). Merging eclectic sophistication with beautiful choral vocals, ‘Homesick’ offers a bewitching three-and-a-half minutes of nuanced songwriting and introspection. Easily a track that sits neatly alongside any IDER or Haim production, a different class of pop.


The second piece of the puzzle from Park Hotel’s upcoming debut EP, ‘Make it Happen’ throws a funk-disco carnival—and it doesn’t just let the music do the talking, striding forth with a boundless inclusivity Tim Abbey’s and Rebeca Marcos-Roca’s duetting vocals recite a powerful incantation: “You are more than just a woman / You are more than just a man / Let’s make it happen.” This track has all the goods to make it an indie-dance staple: stacked rhythms, hooky breakdowns, infectious licks, memorable lyrics and a non-stop revelrous pulse. Park Hotel remind us how important pop music is to the indie scene by their insatiable prowess for creating off-kilter dance-floor romps, through to their glittering ability to turn every move into an indestructible groove-machine. We can’t get enough.


Following a hugely productive 2018, Los Angeles-based Lostboycrow steps into the new year with fresh ideas and some left-wing experimentalism. ‘Orange Juice’ is a hot nugget of warped, slightly distorted pop originality; taking turns to be silken and soulful, twisted and enlightened, jaunty and pensive. It’s a massive undertaking in actual fact, yet Lostboycrow’s evocative production manages to pull off every weird and wonderful creative impulse that’s thrown into the mix—and still wield his signature understated clarity, delivering not only epic compositional evolution but a major bop for the soul. This is artistry, pure and simple.


Elegance in measure, dignified groove, low key forward motion—elements which Brit band Ten Fé employs with acute precision and understated zest. For the past few months the band has been unveiling cuts from their forthcoming album, Future Perfect, Present Tense,and as the release date looms ever closer the quality of the tracks become even richer and more enamouring. Their latest, ‘Coasting’ features flavours of all those soothing Americana tones we love, with lyrics so warming you can almost taste the heat resonating from each refrain whilst the narrative tells us to ignore the judgement of other voices, and follow our own spark through the lense of new love. A blissful heart-swell of sentiment and humanity, a song for all seasons.

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Photo Credit [Lostboycrow]: Samantha Sheldon

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