LISTEN: Bowen – ‘Your Arms Are My Walls’

Lets face it, we all love the thought of being in love. The rapture of falling head over heels for someone, and in that split second you know, this is where your story begins. You are that persons missing piece and they are yours. And that’s where Brooklyn singer/songwriter Bowen steps in with his stunning début effort ‘Your Arms Are My Walls’.

Heartfelt and sincere, his début track bares its vulnerability on its sleeve. Simplicity is key here just as his artist name implies, his music follows the same sentiment. Cooing with delicate guitar strums, gently lulling violin and a softly sung vocal, it’s hard to resist the indelible power of ‘Your Arms Are My Walls’

Watch Bowen’s self-produced music video for ‘Your Arms Are My Walls’ below and download the track for free via soundcloud.

Bowen Links: Website . Facebook

Charlotte Holroyd
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