LISTEN: The Gametes – ‘Stuck In A Turnstile’

As far as first singles go, The Gametes certainly fulfil all the requirements needed to make their debut – ‘Stuck in a Turnstile, a truly exceptional piece of work.

More than just a simple grievance with a piece of machinery, ‘Stuck in a Turnstile’ speaks blankly of dejection and a want to break the cycle. Plainly remarked through convincingly waggish lyrics, moody yet groovy guitar riffs and an unforgettable harmonica sound, this track will have your head nodding and toes tapping in no time. The Australian twang isn’t distinct until around 40 seconds in but really adds a captivating charm to the number. After only a few listens, this track is undeniably stuck in a turnstile inside my head.

The Brisbane based four-piece dub their music as “Surf-rock and weird punk” but regardless of their niche categorisation, the band are an easy listen with their ridiculously catchy tunes.

The lads may be new to the scene but had me fully invested from the first listen – now we need more. The Gametes are a band with a whole lot of potential and a sound fit for festival line ups. Nothing but love for these guys.

‘Stuck In A Turnstile’ is released via RIP Records’ Introducing Series. Purchase on iTunes here.

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