LISTEN: Toothpaste – ‘TV Years’

A doorway to heaven creeps open with thundering force in Toothpaste’s debut single, ‘TV Years’.

Lost in the jangle jungle of an ’80s inspired dream, Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ springs to mind. Its constant pounding rhythms keep the pace, the dreaminess of the guitars propel us into the chorus beautifully.

There are points in the post-chorus ooh’s section, where it all feels a bit sharp on the ears, due to the guitars making a point to jump out of the mix rather than just settle down in a smooth sway. It is a bit of a mix downfall for me but that’s being pedantic, this is a truly fantastic song from the pearly whites of Toothpaste.

The single, ‘TV Years’ is out now. Purchase on Bandcamp here.

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Jacob Shoobridge-Chandler
Musician, Songwriter, Graphic Designer and general Creative blob.

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