LISTEN: Kidsmoke – ‘Cut Yourself Loose’

Welsh indie foursome Kidsmoke unveil their first taste of new material in ten months, with new single ‘Cut Yourself Loose’. A delightfully upbeat jangle of guitars and synth.

Melodically, ‘Cut Yourself Loose’ mimics the rising rays of light when the dawn breaks, awaking slowly before breaking suddenly into a wash of colour. Resting easy on the ears, the band sing about the longing for reconnection. 

The song is an ode to the bright sparks, the people in your life that emanate positivity. You know what’s it like to be around someone that radiates joy and happiness, you want to spend every waking minute with them because they fill your life with such purpose and you feel like a better person around them. Whether it’s a want to break free from a certain mindset and see the world in a new light, or just a yearning to be beside a significant other again, what remains is the resounding sentiment to “cut yourself loose and fly skywards…”

‘Cut Yourself Loose’ will be released on 26th February.

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