LISTEN: Joel Baker – ‘One More Time’ (Ft. Flores & Maths Time Joy)

Simple is often the hardest thing to achieve. The temptation to over-elaborate or add unnecessary flourishes trips up many a songwriter. Joel Baker, however, has committed nothing but sincerity and bare honesty to the three and a half minutes of his latest single, ‘One More Time.’

It’s a song that takes a difficult subject and aims less for a profound grand statement on loss and more for a deeply personal and intimate reflection. As he explains: “’One More Time’ – written the week before I got married – is a letter to my Mum, and a letter back to me from her. Sadly, she passed away, so I was writing it in her voice as to what she might say. This song has helped me grieve and continues to do so! I hope it can help others too.’

Working with Maths Time Joy, who has previously remixed the likes of Bon Iver and Ellie Goulding, on the production, and with the excellent Flores providing underlying vocals, ‘One More Time’ is both immediate and haunting.

Flores is an artist I have respected for many years. She has one of the most moving voices I’ve ever heard. I was over the moon when she wanted to be a part of it,” said Joel.

Baker’s affecting lyrics catch your attention being poignant yet grounded in reality, while the fainter, sampled voice in the production comes across like a precious memory, plus there’s a lovely refrain of the chorus in the final moments of the song that perfectly underlines what a wonderful track this is.

Joel Baker is set to release his debut album, Hush Now My Fears, on the 11th of November – which is currently available to pre-order here.

Photo Credit: Matt Miller – Oddigy Studios

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