LISTEN: Oliver Manning – ‘Unclean Seventeen’

Introducing Sheffield’s own homegrown talent, Oliver Manning. A man with a voice touched by the influence of Lou Reed, and his music, driven by skilled sweet-sounding guitar work, Manning successfully pulls off the perfect balance of deeply felt and profound music whilst retaining an upbeat ambiance throughout.

After the 2015 release of debut album, ‘The ManBoy LP,’ the artist has since been working on what will become his second full-length record: leading the procession of new material is stand-alone cut, ‘Unclean Seventeen.’

The track begins with toe-tappingly infectious strums of the guitar, before raising the tempo to introduce the vigourously buoyant beats of the drums, which providentially carry on for the duration. The husky and bewitching vocals of Manning, then begin delivering a sense of mystery and excitement to the song, and combining with the engaging, melodious instrumental propulsion and empowering lyrics, the track exudes a sensation of intrigue and fascination, creating an overall piece of pop rock musical magic.

‘Unclean Seventeen’ is out now – available to purchase direct from the artist on Bandcamp here.

Photo Credit: Al-Hussein Abutaleb

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