ON REPEAT: Five songs for your playlists

Enjoy these five hand-selected songs rounded up from New Music Friday’s recent releases. As we believe each track deserves repeat consumption, we’re sure you’ll find at least one song in this bunch to add to your playlists.


Yes, this track has been out for a few weeks now but we couldn’t miss an opportunity to rave about this one. As the most soulful, funky composition from WOWH to date, it’s not surprising we find fragrances of Prince, Nile Rodgers and Stevie Wonder nestled within. Equal to the uninhibited liberties of its said namesake, ‘Lipstick’ breathes in positivity and ample sonic dynamic: ranging from beds of synth-washed ambiance, to minimalist beat-heavy jamming and a hazy buoyancy of layered rhythm. This is a WOWH moment for the history books.


Ominously lurking, Slow Riot’s new single rekindles the harsher guitar-riddled cacophonies of their earlier material. In a beastly convergence of stone cold exactness, dissonant moving parts and unapologetic discourse, the band collaborate in a way we’ve never seen before. Continuing to understand what makes their music rumble and groove, the four members seem to be investigating new paths with each song they undertake. ‘Betrayed’ is a spirited sign of a band keen to explore and work outside of set boundaries, whilst keeping a familiarity in play. We can’t wait to see what their next move is.


A hypnotic grandeur envelops Coyle Girelli’s debut single (a musician who found fame in the early 2010’s with group The Chevin). ‘Where’s My Girl?’ is ambitious, melodramatic and completely transfixing; Girelli’s voice has always been his not-so-secret weapon, boasting an impressive range and precision of intent that near-perfectly disarms all in its path. Little instrumentation is needed to propel the track further, yet a smart decision was made when they chose to go down the route of sweeping balladry a la Roy Orbison (and weirdly enough, echoes reminiscent of the Phantom of the Opera), it’s theatrical, yes, but the delivery is passionate and easy to swallow. A very hard task to get right the first time around but somehow they managed it. 


As their second release of 2018, ‘Borderline’ edges South Island Son closer and closer to the confidence befitting of a seasoned outfit. Quick to garner a local reputation for technique and songwriting elegance, the band blaze with the energy of young hopefuls and delight on a deeper level with their emotionally rich, guitar-driven folk rock. ‘Borderline,’ whilst evocative of the War on Drugs’ languid opulence, still contains SIS’ lulling upbeats and rustic charm. It’s a big move, one that we expect will win over more than a few listeners.


Not to be confused with the Florence & the Machine track of matching title, Shadowlark’s ‘Hunger’ is a completely separate and gripping tale. Melancholy and intricately delivered, the voice of singer and multi-instrumentalist Ellen Smith is one that gets under the skin. A song of complicated feeling and deep thought, Shadowlark deftly tackle desire and downfall in a way that feels far from predictable or contrived, rather its investing in its evocative thralls and sensuous production. A group of creatives who with each release continue to raise the bar and captivate a refreshing prowess in songcraft.

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