LISTEN: Lycio – ‘Evil People’

Birmingham trio Lycio craft an enigmatic alternative-pop of contemporary class in new single, ‘Evil People.’ The bending track pins you to the best edge of your seat, as Lycio command an expansive sound set ostensibly beyond their three-piece capacity.

Verses cut the pace to elevate a vocal angelica reminiscent of previous single, ‘Saharan King,’ before satisfying measurements of imperfected rhythm expand alongside neon bass blasts of chorus illuminations.

Mistrusted groove throws beats back and forth in a digital vehicle of throbbing electro movements. The synth-drum partnership plots a collection of twisting shapes to platform a vocal spotlight of startlingly deep range.

‘Evil People’ places you forever on the brink, enforced by premature rhythm and expectation, carving constant anticipation of the next direction shift.

Lycio headline The Victoria in Birmingham on 5th May 2018 – tickets are available here.

Find Lycio on Facebook and Twitter.

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