LISTEN: Moses Gunn Collective – ‘Shalala’

Australia you might say is the home of the new wave of psych bands that have been emerging in the last decade or so. Aussie’s Moses Gunn Collective are just the tip of that psychedelic iceberg. With a clear vision, they’ve set out to worm their way into our hearts with groove centric melodies, delirious harmonies and flourishing brush-strokes of sonic colour. We can’t argue with that.

‘Shalala’ is a psychedelic cocktail of woozy rhythms, lush harmonies and sneering guitars. ‘Shalala’ is pure summer time bliss, ribbons of pastel hues and warm textures ooze from its very core, leaving whoosing celestial trails in its wake. ‘Shalala’ is an elegant introduction to the band’s forthcoming EP.

Dazed and confused we are not, but what is for certain is that ‘Shalala’ will leave you whimpering on the floor for more.

Moses Gunn Collective are set to release their next EP in October 2014. Grab a copy of ‘Shalala’ here.

Moses Gunn Collective Links: Facebook . Twitter

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