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On Repeat: the place where we round up the most exciting new music releases. Five tracks, all recently released, featuring artists we can’t get enough of right now – so, almost certainly, you’ll find at least one song in this bunch to add to your playlists.


We haven’t heard an uninspired or disappointing track from Leeds six-piece Talkboy yet, and it’s looking more and more likely that this isn’t a trend, it’s just how the band exist. Their path has been stirring from the start, debuting live before releasing a single note online and sticking to the basics by not overcrowding timelines with too much Talkboy all at once, giving each song its time to shine. Proving again how variety and diversification are essentials in Talkboy’s arsenal, ‘Someone Else For You’ delivers high velocity thrills with blushing melodics and poetic confession. Really there isn’t much else to say than, listen.


Her first new solo material in three years, ‘Falling’ is much more than a return to the business but a song that symbolises the start of a new era. Now signed to major pop label, Polydor with a further stream of live credentials to her name (supporting James Bay and Dermot Kennedy) and a successful sync in a nationwide Guinness advert. LYRA’s new music arises at a time of profile for the Cork singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, ‘Falling’ specifically builds on the framework LYRA has established previously: alluring, powerful vocals interlink in a dramatic dark-pop atmosphere of intensity and sumptuous extension of presence. Akin to Sia’s dignified approach to glacial balladry or Aurora’s captivating naturalism, LYRA finesses personal stories with bewitching soundscapes and magnetizing raw voice. ‘Falling’ re-affirms LYRA’s innate talent and raises the flag for people still standing on the sidelines.


Another track taken from the quartet’s soon-to-be-released debut EP, ‘California’ is reflective and conclusive at once yet feels like a benign summer sunset after the fun has died down—both warming and serene but marred by the stories of the day’s events. The song acts like a mirror of awakening, prompting a refresh after the curtains have closed on a serious relationship. It’s a post break-up letter to an ex, although heartfelt and redolent, Hot Dreams express the need to separate from living with rose-tinted glasses and grasp the reality of the situation through establishing fresh perspective. ‘California’ recalls the sweet melancholic sounds of acts like the Crookes and Mystery Jets with a classic touch of the Beatles in its melody lines, the songwriting captures the elegance of subtlety with a tasteful nod to understated earworm-like grandiosity. An honest indie charmer.


New from Doncaster’s Guest Singer is a superbly dizzying, dazzle of kraut-pop. ‘My Parallel’ discusses two themes, what life might have been if an opportunity had been pursued and how people position themselves to fit in with the crowd when tasked in certain situations. The track leads the announcement of Guest Singer’s debut EP, I’m Irrelevant Now (due March 22nd on Heist or Hit). It’s certainly ’80s reaching yet the glue of modernity rolls in waves, tossing a little bit of LCD Soundsystem, Yazoo, Talking Heads and Wild Nothing into the mix here and there. A bold statement of inventive and intelligent design, worthy of further investigation.


This collaboration between German producer and musician, Rival (aka. Valentin Rieff) and Irish singer, songwriter and producer, Conor Byrne is one of those fated moments where the stars have aligned beautifully. Both respectively have been making big moves with their music in recent years, but this single in particular stands out as a major focus point. ‘Lately’ focuses on the familiar territory of fixation, specifically when a disruptive relationship starts to take a heavier strain on a person. Leading to the insomnia of restless nights, the obsessive yearning of being hung up on a certain someone and the compulsion to jump whenever they respond. Musically it’s a fine slice of brooding alt-pop, contemporary production, choppy guitars, and laser-clear emotive vocals. A track that is equally heaven for streaming, radio playlisting, and general repeated listening.

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