LISTEN: Tiger Blanket – ‘Sweet & Salty Treat’

Taking form out of various Kent scene bands, Tiger Blanket is more a supergroup (of the local variety) than a simple passion project. The brainchild of Graham Nunn takes cues from Talking Heads and Roxy Music with a modern update of the wonky indie-psych variety that tells of MGMT at their most obscure.

Joining Nunn are Toyko Tea Room’s Ben Marshall and Daniel Elliott, and completing the outfit are Dreamweaver’s Harry Hayes and Ryan Debling. With an affinity for felines, Tiger Blanket’s inspiration can range from the absurd to the mundane and back again, ‘Sweet & Salty Treat’ seems to hint at a mixture of both, it’s only for the context which the song’s description provides that shines a slight glimmer into the foundation of its inception, revealing that inspiration struck during a river walk along the Thames in Putney. 

Swiftness isn’t the game here, downbeat and steady wins the race, but that doesn’t mean to say velocity or impact takes a backseat either. In fact, it’s within the moments of true reflection and intuition where we truly appreciate the relaxed ethos of Tiger Blanket, for the chorus’ amped up volume and intense appeal is a great payoff that we couldn’t understand if not for the lulls which bookend each raise. A simple song but executed to precise and energised levels, with a featured emphasis on the internal dynamics of its players. Tiger Blanket will certainly surprise.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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