Welcome to Bitter Sweet Symphonies. 

We celebrate fresh and inspiring sounds. New and emerging talent is where it’s at for us, whether unsigned or newly signed, we’re all about a good song. We also hold a lot of love for those established acts that continue to produce great music. Ultimately, it’s the music that drives us and we’re not afraid to shout about it.

BSS was founded out of passion and love for under-the-radar music, and continues to exist because of that flourishing desire to support and champion exciting new music. What started out as a simple idea has grown into a community of music loving individuals and a multi-channel network celebrating the very best in new music.

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Email submissions to: charlottebittersweetsymphonies[at]gmail.com

We are also looking to recruit new writers to contribute to the website, please send any queries to: charlottebittersweetsymphonies[at]gmail.com

Current and Previous Contributors:

Charlotte Holroyd @iamcharlotte_

Chiara Strazzulla @TheStrazzulla

Elle Cummins @ElleCummins

Callum Mitchell-Simon @callumsmitchell

Annie Jo Baker @AnjetheBaker

Paul Cook @PaulCook65

Jamie Summerfield @jvictor7

Harrie Williams @HuckHastings

George Rowan @GeorgeRowan  —  Charlie Ryan @Charlou142  — Rupert Taylor @0UTATIM3  —  Caoilfhionn Rose @keelinmusic  —  Ashley Spink @AshleySpink  —  Akemi Fox @akemifoxx  —  Maddy Hardman  @PseudoAgatha  —  Andrew Shelley @A_Shelley11  —  Dan Wiebe @danwiebe27  —  Jordan Lawrence  —  Harry Hayes    Sammy Clarke    Conor Harris @conorharris100  —  Morgan Jones  —  Emily Schofield @EmSchofield94  —  Danny Lynd @lynd_danny  —  Lara Connerton @laraconnerton  —  Alice Mathews @AliceMathews_  —  Tom McGivan @TomMcGivan  —  Ruth Jinks @rxthjinx  —  Sam Lea @SamuelEdwardLea  —  Adam Carpenter @TheAdameus  —  Laaraib Khan @drinkfxllspew  —  Hannah Ashcroft @HannahAshcroft  —  Zoe Peck @zoe_slug  —  Sergi Cunill    Sam Kemp   Lee Whear    Abby Trapp @Beezzndatrapp  —  Jacob Shoobridge-Chandler    Joe Anderson @JoeA13145    Will Wolstenholme @soundsanctum  —  Gary Lambert @TheGaryLambert  —  Emily Oldfield @EmilyvOldfield  —  Andy Brookes    Emily Leonard @trooubletown  —  Tom Saunders @tomshowhost  —  Amy Butcher @amykathbutcher  —  Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings @LewisLlydKnngs  —  Kit Gallagher    Jay Plent @JayPlent  —  Tom Haven @thisistomhaven  —  Marla Geesing @marla_isabelle_  —  Jill Guthrie @JillianGlynn

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