LISTEN: Labradoor – ‘Off the Ground’

Imagine Mac DeMarco rocking up to to Real Estate‘s band practice and everyone just gets on great. Then you’re part of the way to imagining ‘Off the Ground’ by floaty beach-rockers Labradoor, a tune as laid-back as your favourite recliner, and as summery as having a mini-milk in the park.

All wonky, lilting arpeggiated guitar chords, solid drums and bass tying it together, with calmly delivered vocals resting on this feathery bed, kicking it up a gear with angelic falsetto harmonies to signify the arrival of the chorus. Nice.

A London based three-piece made up of members from such vaunted beach holiday destinations as Scotland and Sweden, Labradoor have added yet another drifty gem to their growing back catalogue of sun-soaked tunes. 

Labradoor headline London’s The Waiting Room on Tuesday 13th December. The band’s new single ‘Off the Ground’ is available now on Club Fandango.

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