LISTEN: Piano Club – ‘Comets’

As the summer months stretch dauntingly ahead and you realise that you haven’t planned anything of substance for your holiday period, you might feel that what’s needed is a peppy musical picker-upper in your life. Luckily, Belgium-based collective Piano Club are here to do just that, with their glamorous new track ‘Comets’.

Comets’ rigid, synth-driven arrangement charges straight in with a riff that has something of an oriental flavour, and maintains a steady pulse for much of the track. It may lack variety, but the song’s cheery demeanour and bouncy tempo make for a pleasant, uplifting listen.

The song’s production is crisp, clear, and electronic. There’s no unnecessary quirks, just a well oiled synth-pop machine working at maximum capacity. The only noticeable issue is the lack of vocal clarity at the beginning of the song, but then again, this does allow for the chorus hook to take centre stage, catching the ear as a comet might catch one’s eye in a busy night sky.

If you dig Django Django and Tame Impala’s more recent output, this song will speak to all of your psychedelic sensibilities, and if you want a good time, you can’t go far wrong in giving Comets a go.

‘Comets’ is the first single to be taken from Piano Club’s forthcoming LP ‘Fantasy Walk’ due for release this Autumn.

Photo Credit: Gilles Dewalque

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