LISTEN: Kidsmoke – ‘Waves’

Wrexham’s Kidsmoke offer hope where there’s nothing but black with latest single ‘Waves’. Uplifting chimes of guitar pop try their best to beat off even the dreariest signs of resignation, like the saying goes “If at first you don’t succeed, try, and try again.”

Whilst the lyrics offer up key context to this predicament, “You create the waves that push me away,” the sunny melodies tell a different story – one of renewal, of encouragement, of triumph over struggle. Opening to the subtle sounds of a reverberating riff and the mild tones of an acoustic guitar, the words being sung are the focus, this acts as a way of perserving the sentiment as the band move through the motions. We hang on every word, this is emotionally reverant pop writing, the sort of which Kodaline have built their name.

But still we haven’t even reached the good part yet. It’s not until we hear Lance Williams’ and Sophie Ballamy’s haunting boy/girl duel harmonies that we can fully understand the true appeal of Kidsmoke, it’s this emotional backline that seals band’s fate. Success is fickle but talent that can’t be taken away and boy, they’re the real deal.

‘Waves’ is released digitally on 27th January. Kidsmoke will play a hometown show for FOCUS Wales on 13th May.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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