LISTEN: Swimming Tapes – ‘Queen’s Parade’

A jolly summertime scene is painted of the Northern Irish heartland in Swimming Tapes’ latest track ‘Queen’s Parade’, a nostalgic ode to the prized Mariners strip in Bangor (where some of the band grew up).

As I stroll down the street listening to the dreamy guitar pop of ‘Queen’s Parade’, just after watching the band play at The Great Escape, my mood is instantly lifted. The recording, similarly to their performance, is a refreshing breeze of sweet sweet music as their sound reminds me of our American friends at Real Estate, whilst retaining their own flamboyant flare.

Lyrically I do struggle to make out what is being said by frontman Robbie Reid but the melody is so pleasing to the ears that it more than makes up for any minor grievances. I understand it’s a stylistic choice therefore I can’t knock him down for that. Although live, it’s quite the contrary, the guitars are so elegantly sandwiched in between the tightest of bass back beats.

‘Queen’s Parade’ is a tune you’ll be keeping on loop for your evening summertime strolls. A great start to the festival season and a cracking new tune from the London lads. Keep ‘em coming.

‘Queen’s Parade’ is out now via Hand in Hive / B3SCI. Purchase on iTunes here.

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Jacob Shoobridge-Chandler
Musician, Songwriter, Graphic Designer and general Creative blob.

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