LISTEN: Cop Graveyard – ‘Are You Happy You’re Here?’

I’ve been reading the work of famed dead rock critic Lester Bangs recently, and come to the conclusion that for my writing to reach something beyond, I need excessive personal anecdotes that only partially relate to the feeling the new Cop Graveyard EP fills me with.


Interview with…THE ACADEMIC

Irish indie rock band The Academic might not be a common household name just yet but after recently completing their UK headlining tour and confirming that a lot more music will be coming our way in 2017, it won’t be long until these boys get the recognition they deserve. Bitter Sweet Symphonies’ Emily Leonard grabbed […]

Interview with…OUTLYA

Many Things About…BOA

Many Things About…BOKITO


EXCLUSIVE // False Advertising’s Guide to Surviving SXSW as an independent band

In a guest post, Jen Hingley of Manchester-based DIY grunge trio False Advertising, tells us the nitty gritty behind the band’s recent trip to the States where they popped their SXSW cherry – a remarkable adventure that saw them playing four official showcases, all off their own bat. Alongside a few snaps from their travels, […]

Song of the Week

SONG OF THE WEEK: Dama Scout – ‘Paper Boy’

Glasgow x London trio Dama Scout first caught my eye at one of the DIY Hello 2017 showcases at the Old Blue Last in January, and I was immediately taken by their eclectic take on post-punk, via those two well-trodden touchstones shoegaze and slacker-rock. One minute guitars are squalling, pained feedback induced yelps, the next […]


SONG OF THE WEEK: Haunt The Woods – ‘Twisted’

SONG OF THE WEEK: Loa Loa – ‘Pyrrhic’


ALBUM REVIEW: Hajk – ‘Hajk’

Pop music will always stand the test of time, that much is true. The styling evolves and the delivery is updated but we can always guarantee that the final product will be engaging. In the classic format, we look to melody and harmonies as the pillars that bind the whole, as if it were their […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Happyness – ‘Write In’


ALBUM REVIEW: Toothless – ‘The Pace Of The Passing’

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