LISTEN: Eloïse – ‘Now He Wears White’

‘Now He Wears White’ is arguably the closest answer to Lana Del Rey heard from England and the latest release from Suffolk’s fresh new talent Eloïse. With influences such as Lady Gaga’s Joanne album, the song channels an honest and open sound complemented by a country belle ring, usually associated with the southern United States of America. With strong aesthetic visuals of the same romanticised places, she is able to create imagery through her music comparable to the contemporary greats.

The album art work and mentions of Elvis in the track brings imagery of Las Vegas and dream-like romantic times. This is added to by the production of reversed vocals at the beginning which reverberate throughout the track, but it also adds an interesting twisted sound bringing an unsettling tone. According to Eloïse, her love of David Bowie helped her create her an edge to her voice with a dark sense of humour, bringing complexity and intrigue to her sound.

Eloïse’s vocal range impresses throughout with her inflection of emotion brought into every syllable, making this an easy to listen to song with a strong rhythm and drum beat at its core. Having already released a range of enjoyable tracks showing how promising a talent she is, ‘Now He Wears White’ proves that Eloïse is one to watch in the edgy pop scene.

The new single ‘Now He Wears White’ is out now via Velvet Something Records – and available on iTunes here.

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