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PREMIERE: Fins Ara – ‘Alone’

Returning two months after debuting the opening chapter of a three-song saga, Barcelona-born artist Fins Ara is now ready to divulge another fragment from his personal collection. The aching piece of ethereal woe has been gifted to Bitter Sweet Symphonies to share in the first play.

Described as the “Most melancholic and profound” of the three releases, ‘Alone’, similarly to its predecessor, follows a solitary path of simple parts: Glassy instrumentation permeates an almost other-worldly scenescape, as anguished vocal detail drifts in and out of a deeply moving falsetto.

Influenced by the likes of Bon Iver and Damien Rice, audible tropes of those artists are acknowledged yet it’s an urge to liken the hefty sorrow of the composition to Keaton Henson, that excites me the most. Unequivocally lo-fi and certainly lacking pretence, ‘Alone’ is a piece of music which resists any compulsion to get ahead of itself, owning its purity and might of sentiment.

For a modern folk songwriter to hold such regard to constitution and principle, we can only hope that this proclivity will inspire others.

The second single, ‘Alone’, from Fins Ara will be released on 21st July 2017.

Photo Credit: Emi O’Connell

For all the latest on Fins Ara, head to the Website.

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