LISTEN: Milo’s Planes – ‘Fidget In Paralysis’

81 seconds of pure, adolescent, mind-addled, ferocious, distortion-on-everything, punk reborn, sound vomit is the short review of this delightfully mad and vital new track from Bristolians Milo’s Planes, ‘Fidget in Paralysis’.

And to be honest, it feels like we would be missing the point aiming to write much more on the matter. With such a prominent example of what can be achieved in under two minutes of whirling-dervish energy bursting out of the frame before us.

Allegedly inspired by “the frustration of finding your place in the modern world as a young person in these current tense political and socio-economical times,” art/anti-art of this kind continues to spawn around the world. Perhaps the only glimmer of positivity coming from the current all you can eat shite buffet that is global politics.

Taken from their forthcoming third album, ‘Fidget in Paralysis’ is just the tune to spark some electrifying snap, crackle and pop into your day.

New album, ‘Individual Development Plan’, will be released on 12th May via Gravy Train Recordings. Pre-Order the 12″ vinyl here.

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