LISTEN: Bowery – ‘Psychotic Man’

Manchester five-piece Bowery are back with their sophomore single, ‘Psychotic Man.’ Stirring the pot further into dirty, hard rock hedonism, get ready for a riff-packed psychy juggernaut that punches just as hard as their debut single.

Kicking off with the mother of all riffs, Bowery pack a lot into the intro alone, with lots of great guitar tones, a driving bass and an enigmatic, strutting drumbeat. Classic baritone vocals arrive with a calm but disturbed nature. Not hanging around too long, the pre-chorus kicks in with a captivating, memorable hook to latch on to, as well as wielding a chant-like quality to it – a feature sure to inspire great singalong moments at the live shows. The chorus is a welcome change of pace, with a more focused gaze on the great melodies and counter melodies weaving in and out of each other, making use of a simple lyric that repeatedly goes back and forth through the mind long after the first listen.

Bowery flex their muscles a lot in this one, showing off their strengths for great songwriting, mega riffs, catchy vocals, the list goes on and on. One can only feel maybe they could use their chorus more as it’s damn good and I definitely feel they squeeze it in one more time before the end of the track, but that’s just me being nit-picky I suppose.

Bowery show the clout and tenacity to provide a really potent song once more. Breaking ground and showing off some fresh new moves, the Manchester five-piece have shown a lot of potential thus far, bringing dark and seedy growls in a time where nostalgia and introspection rule, trying to diversify and break away from the latest trends and fads.

The new single ‘Psychotic Man’ is out now – available to purchase on iTunes here. Catch the band headlining AATMA in Manchester tomorrow night (Saturday 7th April) – tickets available here.

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