LISTEN: The Golden Age of TV – ‘Between Each Brick’

The Golden Age of TV, a Leeds based 5-piece, have firmly secured their position in the burgeoning post-rock market that’s currently blossoming around the UK with their debut track ‘Between Each Brick’.

The track pays homage to post-rock, with ambiguous structure and soft emotive vocals, yet also drawing its rhythm and energy from funk and, potentially, a reined in form of math. The band themselves identify as “Post-Pop and Future Funk”, a label that this track certainly exemplifies with the instantly familiar yet altogether unique Elephant Gym-esque guitar hook that repeats ad- blissful nauseam.

A warped sample opens but hardly has time to be heard before the aforementioned guitar riff sets its claim in the ground of the song, ever-present and welcomingly raw, refreshingly lacking in the swathes of reverb that is oh-so-common in post-rock. It establishes the tone of upbeat melancholia in which the band indulge in. Drums and bass quickly follow in a perfectly timed act of mimicry, however both find their own distinct place in the song. The vocals and vocal harmonies shine throughout, and are a sweet flowing counterpoint to the tight instrumentation.

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