With so much great new music coming our way daily, we’ve compiled our favourites into an easily accessible format, aptly titled: #BitterSweetPlaylist. The idea is, once fully consumed, everyone has their shot at voting for their favourite track by means of the poll at the bottom of the page. We’ll tally up the votes and the winning act will get an in-depth feature. Spread the word, let’s make this thing huge.

Voting closes on 24th September 2017.

IRAH – ‘Worship the Sun’

Immersive and groundbreaking is the new release from Copenhagen’s IRAH. Captivating the mind through expansive metaphysics and divisive yet beautifully colourful sound tapestries, the band wish to unite focus towards the cosmos – the Sun, the Moon, the Earth – in a hope to recover a oneness with the universe and appreciate the primary fuel of life. It’s an extraordinary statement that will linger long after the first listen.

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Phia – ‘Oxide’

As the first new material since the release of this Australian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter’s debut album, ‘Oxide’ establishes a subtle change in direction. Promising a new venture of sound and vision, this era of Phia is just as captivating as ever but some moves are newly trodden, inciting further experimentation with bolder instruments and lyrical dialogue. ‘Oxide’ speaks of a reported 60,000-year-old bacterium, which a group of scientists discovered in a cave somewhere in Mexico – on first glance you would be right to shrug and think ‘Statistics in a song, I don’t think so” but bare with it, the result is a swirling psych-pop fascination worthy of multiple plays.

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Sea Girls – ‘Lost’

Immediately distinct, the new single from the London-based four instructs a contagious rush of fast-paced rhythm and hard-hitting riffs. Sea Girls are making the music making business look easy, with each release they manage to capture youthful vitality (without losing the importance of a good lyric) in an easily accessible pop/rock format. Simply brilliant.

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False Advertising – ‘Hey You’

Manchester’s False Advertising launches new EP with the bolstering ‘90s alt-rock of ‘Hey You’. This trio continue to tackle real issues in their music; here they aim spotlight at gender-stereotyping and the redundancy of it all, typifying just how vital forms of protest are to make a real difference in the world.

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Rae Morris –  ‘Do It’

Produced by long-term collaborator Fryars, Rae Morris continues to break new ground with neon-flared ‘Do It’ – and it might be her best yet. Forward-thinking pop ideas trace a percussion-heavy rhythm around themes of letting go and taking chances, it’s a bright spark of bona fide positivity.

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HÅN – ‘1986’

Italian synth-pop purveyor HÅN returns for a second instalment of her spacious instrumentals and calming voice. The new track carries a faster tempo to fulfil a capture of uplift, while the lyrics remain subtly downcast revealing a story of inhibition. On the whole a refreshing palette cleanser that features some noteworthy revelations.

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Swim Season – ‘Collide’

Australia’s Swim Season step in with heady melody and a serious lyrical edge, ‘Collide’ speaks on many levels to a deeper meaning of understanding which is only intensified through rising soars of grandiosity. An emotive vocal lead calls for reprieve, “So lay down your hands / And lay down your guns,” it’s an affecting and compelling statement that can’t be ignored.

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Pip Blom – ‘Babies are a Lie’

Amsterdam’s Pip Blom are making tuneful alt-guitar rise to the top, once more. ‘Babies are a Lie’ is full of little moments which will instil a bop of movement to overcome the limbs and get those pipes warmed up, but it’s the idyllic build in the chorus and the smart variances in the verses that really signify Pip Blom’s smarts and true ability. A band that is certain to have some good times ahead.

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Febueder – ‘Stilts’

With an opening hook that ignites a passion of sonic stimuli and curious word patterns, Febueder define a new dialect of captivation on ‘Stilts’. The alt-electro group have quickly become a favourite of ours since they sprung onto our radar with the ever-charming ‘Chimes,’ now well into an exciting period of new material and fresh expression, Febueder continue to embolden our musical palette with their combination of programmed and live elements.

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Hey Charlie – ‘Young and Lonesome’

The Tarek Musa-produced release sees London-based Hey Charlie make a standout move; shiny group vocals, grunge power, and percussive glitter all combine to produce a memorable sophomore single. Fear not, there’s no style over substance here either, the group resonate with their vital message and encourage us to take a moment for thought. It’s still early days for this troupe but if they keep hitting out tunes of this calibre, we guarantee they’ll be making their mark sooner rather than later.

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The winning artist will be treated to a grilling in our ‘Many Things About…’ segment, which works to uncover all those pesky little fun facts that we don’t know about them already, so get voting and make your artist proud (if not slightly nervous)!

Listen to previous winner Great News with their song ‘Wonderfault’ below.

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