LISTEN: Kolorsol – ‘Diablo’

Brisbane’s Kolorsol command a magical formula of melodic prowess, sassy, steely charisma and a sound that oozes bluesy grooves and smooth, soulful vocal lines. After dropping their first release last year, the self-titled Kolorsol EP, it’s time for the band to release new single, Diablo.

Diablo like you’d except of the Devil himself is fiery and full of temptation. Slattery’s vocal leads and seizes the listener into a hazy fluster of contentment, it’s a melodious joy ride of garage rock, blues and roots that will leave you begging for more. Kolorsol just keep getting better and better, if they continue on like this then we’re all in for a real treat. The one thing that is for certain is that Diablo is in no way diabolical as the title suggests but it’s certainly heavenly.

‘Diablo’ is out June 10th.

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