LISTEN: Johnny Kills – ‘Take It Easy’

You’d have thought a minute and 30 seconds wasn’t enough time to write a fully formed song, but as The White Stripes, The Hives, and now Johnny Kills have proven, that’s time-a-plentiful.

Borrowing the title of The Eagles’s ‘Take It Easy’ and frankly (musically anyway) doing the exact opposite, Johnny Kills blast through a totally bonkers punk banger, that is as charmingly rugged and articulate as John Lydon himself.

Distorted synths, ferociously fast drums, and a guitar tone so dirty you’d be scared to show it to your mother. This song is all out mad, and it puts a big dumb smile on your face immediately. It’s hard to know what the lyrics are, but if the subject matter is as aggressive as the instrumental, then it’s almost certainly about a fistfight. Gather round kids, the school bully is finally getting what’s coming to him.

It’s a cracking little ditty, and perfectly encapsulates all you could expect from a band with the word ‘kills’ in their name. A great debut: sharp, instant, deadly. Check it out.

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