LISTEN: The Eskimo Chain – ‘Feel Me / Riding’

The Eskimo Chain are treating us to a double whammy of psych rock goodness with new AA-side singles ‘Feel Me’ and ‘Riding’. Both tracks hark back to the days of My Bloody Valentine and Joy Division but also add a new flavour into the mix with their slight punk sensibilities and bolstering brit-pop.

‘Riding’ is a magnificent kaleidoscopic barrage of sounds. It’s beating heart is it’s bass and guitar combo, a driving rhythm that is unrelenting and just purely satisfying as a summer’s day, it’s sure to get you grooving the night away. 

‘Riding’ has all the energy of The Horrors and then some. It’s a melting pot of lush psych rock melancholy yet set to a vibrant and melodic soundscape, adding a touch of glamour to the proceedings.

‘Feel Me’ takes a different stride to ‘Riding’ with it’s raw jolt of brit-pop infused psychedelia it instantly grabs attention. Easing into the track with a ravishing riff, shattering bass line and ardent drum beat that seemingly would fit alongside the stadium filling sound of Kasabian. We are thrust into a rich melody-driven world of blissed out rhythms and voluptuous hooks. ‘Feel Me’ means business.

With steely-eyed venom The Eskimo Chain establish themselves very easily with these two tracks as a band that have a very exciting future ahead of them if they continue on like this.

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