ON REPEAT: Five songs for your playlists

Enjoy these five hand-selected songs rounded up from New Music Friday’s recent releases. Because we believe each track deserves repeat consumption, we’re sure you’ll find at least one song in this bunch to add to your playlists.


Melbourne artist Angie McMahon continues her winning streak of barn-storming, gritty guitar-led singles, with latest tune ‘Keeping Time.’ As a note to herself to “do some work,” to not fall into bad habits or lackadaisical traits, the track does its best to emulate this feeling through pushing forwards and keeping the energy up, but when troughs do emerge the softer shades add texture and showcase McMahon’s constantly engaging approach to composition. ‘Keeping Time’ is a further linchpin in the Australian artist’s story, just another reason why we should all be excited about her upcoming debut album.


Coming out of a two-year hiatus from releasing new music, the North Yorkshire duo offer up a tantalizing taste of Seafret in 2018. The new single proceeds an EP release in the Autumn, pulling together rousing vocals and infectious lyrics it’s a certain smash. Sincerity has always been at the heart of Seafret’s music – and it hasn’t been lost in ‘Can’t Look Away,’ the track is successful in many ways, grasping intimacy with bold sentiment and blazing vocal progressions. A widescreen vision that is more than likely to attract huge audiences (and we dearly hope it will, music of this quality should be heard).


Joining a new wave of artists coming out of London at the present, the duo named APRE create scintillating sensations with their dazzling art-pop sound. ‘Without Your Love’ leads a new EP release; multi-coloured production immediately makes an impression while relatable subject matter brings everything back down to Earth. The pair share in vocal duties, creating a unique application of alternative allure and hook-filled appeal. If any artist has made a mark on us this year, it’s APRE. Big steps to follow, expectations run high, we wait in anticipation.


Roaring in like a furious speed wagon, ‘Good Ideas’ establishes a punk aesthetic early on. Closing before it reaches three minutes, Cagework have crafted a track that is brief but doesn’t lack in substance, or caustic punches. The lyrics touch on life cleansing: eliminating toxicity and superficiality to improve well-being and self-worth (advice that’s becoming more and more important in today’s world, we’d say). Ricocheting rhythms twist to racketing melodies while belted shouts incense a reaction, it’s all very well played and we like it a lot. 


Pop artist Desirée Dawson speaks her truth – and it’s a universal one. New single ‘Just Fine’ focuses on overcoming those moments where we feel vanquished by our feelings or lost in emotion, to find a place of hope and perspective, to just keep going. It’s a very positive message delivered via gentle, emboldening melody and melodic vocals, easily likeable and tenderly achieved. For anyone who appreciates Alessia Cara’s expressive affirmations of pop, Desirée Dawson is the next artist you should be listening to.

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Photo Credit [Angie McMahon]: Ian Laidlaw

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