LISTEN: Persian Poems – ‘Farewell Symphony’

There are certain moments in life that are crucial and intrinsic to how we face the future – whether that’s adapting to new changes and challenges, a forced curve to the structure, or simply, growing up. It’s how we deal in these moments that truly tests our character, our strength and our ability to cope.

One of the major cornerstones in life is, unequivocally, parenthood. The debut release from Bristol-based Iranian artist Persian Poems was born out of the nervous excitement and multitude of emotion that comes along with the words: ‘You’re going to be a father’.

While ‘Farewell Symphony’ acts primarily as a time capsule for his daughter to later listen back to, as a way to understand her father more. It is also an auditory passing of emotion to his new love, maybe even more resoundingly so. The sonics mirror this feeling with remarkable depth, hushed vocals fade in and out of the periphery creating a beautiful warmth for the Bon Iver soaked M83 electronic mist to envelop the space.

By all accounts, this debut release is a lushly-painted daydream.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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