LISTEN: Luna Shadows – ‘Cry Wolf’

Luna Shadows doesn’t hide behind a façade on her tantalising debut single, ‘Cry Wolf’. Instead she prefers to bask in the sunlight, albeit under the glimmer of resounding melancholy. But don’t we all like to listen to sad songs in our sunnies?

Luna Shadows is one of the new breed of artists who like to dabble in a bit of everything, from songwriter to producer to singer, she wears many hats. Yet she doesn’t shoulder this one alone, roping in Thom Powers of The Naked and Famous fame and Bradley Hale (Now, Now) on production duties.

Her proclivity to speak directly about falsities is refreshing, commenting on the track, she said “The lyrics serve as a cautionary tale about the act of lying and the guilt that surrounds keeping up a facade”. Miss Shadows provides the wake-up call for the masses. And it doesn’t hinder proceedings that her music is so irresistibly catchy and addictive. Now, turn this one up.

Luna Shadow’s debut single ‘Cry Wolf’ is available to stream and download for free below.

Luna Shadows Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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