LISTEN: Illyin Pipes – ‘Waking Up’

Illyin Pipes unveil nostalgic summer hit as the first single off their debut EP ‘Spaces’.

Typical of Illyin Pipes’ brand of downtempo synth pop, this track is a melting pot of moody, distorted synths. Their reverberating echoes combine with dreamy vocals to reveal an ebb and flow that flirts between bliss and mystery.

In the words of the Toronto band’s lead singer, Jill, “I was struggling with a few things while trying to maintain an illusion of positivity and balance. The dichotomy of stability and disorder is present in ‘Waking Up’ as well as the remainder of the EP’s songs, even if that wasn’t intentional when we wrote them.”

‘Waking Up’ is out now, and the EP ‘Spaces’ is set for release in August 2017.

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