LISTEN: Amanda Merdzan – ‘Glow’

‘Glow’ is a beautiful and competent piece of electro-pop, with uplifting and gorgeous melodies accompanied by minimalist synth-drums and atmospheric strings.

Amanda sings with a style which is unforced and graceful, direct and clear, and her voice is complimented by the music beautifully. One of the things so striking about this track is it’s delicate use of space in the verses – Merdzan’s voice stands tall and strong above a subtle backing – and this just stands to make the chorus sound even larger.

‘Glow’, the second single from Amanda’s upcoming EP, comes with a music video which shows shimmering rays of light piercing through the darkness. This seems to echo the theme of the track – where twinkling and bright melody juxtaposes the heaviness and depth of the bottom end of the music.

Expect an EP in June – we can’t wait.

‘Glow’ is out now, buy on iTunes here.

For more on Amanda Merdzan, head to her Website, Facebook and Twitter.

George Rowan
Press assistant for Amazing Record Co., occasional writer and drummer.

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