ON REPEAT: Five songs for your playlists

Enjoy these five hand-selected songs rounded up from New Music Friday’s recent releases. As we believe each track deserves repeat consumption, we’re sure you’ll find at least one song in this bunch to add to your playlists.


To say the track was written out of frustration, ‘Phantom Limbs’ is strangely euphoric. As the second release from Canada’s Boniface (aka. Micah Visser), candour still fights to tie down the reigns yet this time blustering synth-pop bombast forces a stronger hold. As a live favourite, it’s easy to see why the band feels a particular affinity to the upbeat number – from a buzzy chorus that could rival any M83 track, to its bristling personal relevance – this is pop of the highest calibre with a beating singer/songwriter heart. Perfect as a pick-me-up, or for your party playlists.


Infusing singer-songwriter spirit into absorbing electro-pop, London-based Katharsis reveals a debut single of intimidating prowess. ‘Come with Me’ is autobiographical and yet immensely relatable, speaking of the burgeoning of new romance to a sleek soundtrack. Tapping into the growing market for synth-driven storytelling, Katharsis sits somewhere in the field of IDER’s rapturous vocal landscapes and Meadowlark’s chilled R&B pastels.


Inspired by a recurring childhood dream, Arts & Crafts signee’s Ellevator wrote ‘Hounds’ – a song urging the importance of safety in numbers. Put simply, sometimes we need the guidance and insight of others in order to survive. Going it alone isn’t always the best solution, allowing yourself to be vulnerable with others is courageous and ultimately, vital. The dark pop slow-burner energises its powerful sentiment with ethereal, widescreen tenacity, but its bristling electric and weighty percussion that add a new level of intensity to Nabi Sue Bersche’s ambient, embracing vocal. For a compelling and transforming experience, this is the track.


New from Ascot’s Febueder, ‘Hans’ is the atmospheric caveat to self aggrandising. It isn’t reaching to identify Febueder’s songcraft as skilled, especially when faced with a track so competent and successful in its execution. ‘Hans,’ whilst lyrically sparse is impressively expressive – layering percussion, spiralling riffs and a propulsive low end, this simple presentation deceptively expands into a force of harmonics and pop-reaching dexterity. Just another exciting piece in the ever-growing oeuvre of Febueder.


With a debut album sailing in most imminently (currently scheduled for 8th March 2018), the indie pop of Jacob Haubjerg & co. is beginning to bubble over with hot anticipation. On ‘New Pleasure,’ the Copenhagen four tap into industrial beats and mechanical guitar flair, sounding like Devo if they had been on a confection diet for a few months or so. From the first second Luster bait a conscious melodic hook, introducing a repetitive but forthright rhythm that will circulate throughout. Softening in the chorus, it’s all about guitars and vocal cadences – this technique strengthens the track and cultivates further investment in the song’s intelligent arrangement. A must listen.

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Photo Credit [Ellevator]: Vanessa Heins

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