LISTEN: Happyness – ‘Falling Down’

Cult trio Happyness are on fine form. They’ve been lapping up their growing popularity on their recent tour, and dropped an excellent new EP. Now, with the release of ‘Falling Down’, it seems the band are making the most of 2016’s last death-addled gasp to sneak a new track into the dizzying cluster of new releases. It may not be straight up Christmas cheer, but it’s a perfect antidote to that Trump-Cohen-Bowie-Brexit-Lemmy-Toblerone gloom.

At a solid 5 minutes 11 seconds, ‘Falling Down’ is hardly a concise single. However, like a mug slowly filling with hot chocolate, the payoff is as satisfying to wait for as it is to experience. The flanged guitars and bubbly, Ringo-esque drums throughout the track make for a moody, expectation filled introduction, and the entry of a smooth descending guitar line towards the middle is a welcome inclusion that takes the track to upbeat, progressive territory.

Certainly, Happyness’ delivery has softened on this track compared to the material on Weird Little Birthday. The production feels far more mellow and gentle compared to more reserved cuts such as ‘Lofts’ and ‘Pumpkin Noir’. Nonetheless, ‘Falling Down’ still shares the same comforting characteristics of the band’s debut, but it’s more woozy, more subtle. This is comfort food for the soul, laid back and charmingly effortless without being lackadaisical. 

By channelling tension into a climax that’s rewarding and uplifting, ‘Falling Down’ has a rousing sense of fun. It may lack immediacy to those who are seeking a fast thrill, but it still remains an intimate and enticing release from a band who continue to go from strength to strength.

Happyness will play their biggest London headline show to date on 28th April at The Dome.

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