LISTEN: Phono Pony – ‘Vacant’

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, garage-rock two-piece Phono Pony come out swinging on their long overdue return to the studio.

The song, ‘Vacant’, is due to be the first track on the upcoming EP ‘Death by Blowfish’, and the way it introduces itself gives no illusion as to why this choice was made. Armed with only a drum and guitar, the opening makes full use of the latter, cutting through any peace and quiet, and unsettling anyone in ears-reach.

Singer Michael Kenyon’s vocal riffs become the star of the show, however, it’s his falsetto set against the slightly morbid lyrical narrative that add a depth to match the crashing guitar. Beginning with the tale of somebody sat behind a desk ‘vacant,’ the song commentates on the plethora of employees working mundane, mindless jobs, with the crosshairs being aimed at the vegetated state it leaves them. It’s critical, but only to an extent. The dour subject matter is spun with irony, and the camp delivery whipped with a playful confidence that could only come from a band alien to the vacancy they sing of.
The track is bullish and noisy, whilst still establishing a keen sense of fun. It’s a type of glam-garage that seems fresh in a time where punk-garage bands are enjoying so much hype. Indie-strange is what the band are labelling it. And whilst not absolutely pushing the boundaries, it’s eccentric enough for such a description to fit.
Well over a year on from their well-received debut, fans of the band will be chuffed to see them return, especially with so much bravado in tow. The song suggests a band with a keen idea of the art they wish to create, and the EP will no doubt throw some surprises our way. Even with only four songs, Phono Pony have the potential to surprise, and for that reason, we’ll be listening.

The new single ‘Vacant’ is out now – and can be purchased on Bandcamp.

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