LISTEN: The Boxing – ‘One By One’

Psych rock band The Boxing present their excellent new single ‘One By One’. The feeling that this could easily be the coolest song from an angsty 1980’s coming-of-age film leads this fresh new sound into my favourites playlist this week.

What can only be described as coolly mellow vocals holds the song among the likes of The Vryll Society with a hint of Nirvana. A Stone Roses-esque intro sits at the start of a discontent yet simple guitar lead which for me, is the main draw of this track. Smartly progressive bass cues lie in the background, for the most part, so that focus can be drawn to the fulsome sound of the band’s driving rhythmic snares, also highlighting the breezy quality of the track.

This single, effortlessly, takes me back to the first time I ever heard bands like Nirvana; even Tame Impala. This three-piece from Leeds put their own fresh spin on a totally underrated genre in the modern music industry.

The Boxing will be performing live at Goldsounds Festival in Leeds on Saturday 20th May.

Photo Credit: Tom Saunders

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