LISTEN: Vinten – ‘Creep’

Vinten is Cameron Paice. An indie-folk artist that has nurtured a captivating sound into an amalgamation of something that is both contemporary and traditional. The new single ‘Creep’ is Vinten at his most poignant, brooding best.

On ‘Creep’ he twists words of disconcertion about the modern social age, around darkly atmospheric instrumentation. Subtly delivered, but intensely felt. This is powerful expression, and one would argue that it’s the most vital aspect to an artist’s role – to express themselves and their thoughts, unfiltered. Vinten’s songwriting may not be the most groundbreaking of all but it is original, and that registers highly in our book.

‘Creep’ is the third single from Vinten’s debut EP ‘What Has Been’, which is out now and can be purchased on bandcamp here.

Vinten Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

Charlotte Holroyd
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