LISTEN: Ellie Bleach – ‘Duvet Day’

Norwich upstart Ellie Bleach delivers beachy fun with a cynical oomph on new track ‘Duvet Day’. The cut previews a full-length EP due out soon, this snarky and slouchy start is sure to help shake off that sleepy head.

Here Bleach echoes the influence of Courtney Barnett but retains her own personal flair by delivering a sharp blast of off-the-cuff lyricism. The constant drifting feel of this track certainly resembles the notion of a ‘Duvet Day’, although in some ways this also could be its kryptonite, seeing the track turning slightly towards trawling territory as we continue on.

Yet there are still surprises aplenty and much to appreciate, most notably being the disarming quick change of tempo once we hit the 1 minute 30-ish mark, maybe this is the call of the alarm clock jolting us upright to a crunching reality check? Whatever it may be, we’re all the more thankful for it as this introduces a twangy sweetness of distorted riffs into the mix. Lyrically gifted, Bleach really knows how to play on words and suck us into this world she’s created.

‘Duvet Day’ is the lead single from Ellie Bleach’s forthcoming six-track EP which is set to be released on Hazy Dog Records.

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Jacob Shoobridge-Chandler
Musician, Songwriter, Graphic Designer and general Creative blob.

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