LISTEN: Odina – ‘Nothing Makes Sense’

We sometimes reach junctures in our lives that startle the wits and set a trail of events in motion, often they arrive unexpected and unexplained yet these character-building moments are vital. To navigate these hurdles and challenges that knock us for six, we must look deeper into ourselves: assess, digest, accept, understand. Life isn’t easy but we learn and keep on going. A sense of searching and uncertainty drives the latest single from London-living artist Odina, as she engages with the profundities of life, death, and everything in between – and ultimately finds that ‘Nothing Makes Sense‘ but that’s okay.

Pondering the greater purpose of her own individual existence, Odina tenderly sings over a sympathetic melody of electric and brass design. As a goodbye to an old relationship and a pondering of the future, the track travels through the motions of second-guessing, fear of the unknown, trepidation; all to finally agree that this feeling of uncertainty will always occupy a certain hold in one’s life. While this realisation may appear resigned, the overall intention seems to be one of great significance – yes, we don’t know what’s coming next but that’s the beauty in the whole thing.

Odina’s songcraft is cultivated out of a need to express and share emotion, as each new release builds a stronger foundation for the songwriter’s story to be told, it isn’t unusual that we find ourselves hankering for the next song almost immediately thereafter.

The new single ‘Nothing Makes Sense’ is out now via AntiFragile Music, and available to Stream/Purchase here.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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