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PREMIERE: Pining For Sunshine – ‘So Little Time’

Debut’s can be tricky. Striking the right balance between expressing yourself and presenting idiosyncratic sound to a listener that is almost always unfamiliar with your work, is in simple terms: tricky. The basis of new music is what drives this industry to continue to grow and better itself, without the presence of refreshing new voices and imagination, we expect modern music would soon become stale and undesired. So it is with great pleasure that we proudly present the first work of Brighton-based Pining for Sunshine – ‘So Little Time.’

Recorded at Bella Union Studios, the track combines both experience with insight. As an introduction to Pining for Sunshine, ‘So Little Time’ reveals a great melancholy to the artist, but also a tremendous deal of fascination. To write of such heavy, complex emotions so openly and direct, it takes a deft touch, and an intelligence of the human condition to deliver themes of this magnitude to another. Pining for Sunshine’s writer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Shoobridge-Chandler looks deep to craft his compositions, taking in the world around him and his relationships with others to form the inspiration for his music.

As moving instrumentally as it is lyrically, the track doesn’t just work one-dimensionally. Through creating a soundscape rather than a patchwork of notes and chords, melodies are given space to develop and intensify, as are the dynamics. Growing out from acoustic guitar and subtle atmospheric synth, additional elements are quietly introduced and built upon, so by the climax of the song the journey we have taken feels fulfilled and intimately explored. A stunning first release.

The debut single ‘So Little Time’ is out now – available to purchase on iTunes here. Pining for Sunshine will be playing at this year’s Great Escape Festival in Brighton.

Find Pining for Sunshine on Facebook and Twitter.

Charlotte Holroyd
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