LISTEN: Johnny Kills – ‘Maybe Next Year’

Having debuted their tantrum-inspiring sound on ‘Take It Easy’, Johnny Kills have returned with a fresh new slice of indie pop nonchalance reminiscent of Oasis and The Pigeon Detectives.

‘Maybe Next Year’ kills softly rather than violently continuing the woozy, ramshackle quality of the band’s debut. The guitars are clean, with twee staccato stabs throughout, allowing for the main grit of the track to be conveyed through the frantic drums. It creates a nice dynamic contrast; when the drums drop out, the guitars and vocals quell the rage and urgency of the rhythm section.

The sneering, Gallagher-esque lead vocal delivery nicely undercuts the ambience of the soft falsetto backing vocals, and overall the track feels decidedly laid back, a surprise given the aggression of the band’s previous work, but not an unwelcome one.

‘Maybe Next Year’ initially feels simplistic in comparison to the balls to the wall fury of ‘Take It Easy’. However, at the close of the track, all those filthy guitars return, bringing about the annihilating ending, which is both definitive and satisfying.

Overall, this is another cool track from Johnny Kills, and we can only hope they’ll keep pumping them out at the same rate and quality.

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