LISTEN: Carnivals – ‘Leave It All Behind’

It’s not uncommon for a band to diversify its sound over time. All the greats have, to some extent, played with the tropes of genre and made some fantastic songs in doing so. I’d like to inaugurate Carnivals into that select group with their newest release ‘Leave It All Behind’, a welcome jump into new territory following their last release ‘City of Skulls’.

Starting with a luscious guitar tone, fuzzed to oblivion, they waste no time with drawn-out introductions and get right to the meat: a dirty ensemble of beefy drums and complimentary guitar and bass tones. Here a personal highlight of the track comes into play, a consistent use of rolling drum fills that pays homage to the psychedelic roots that Carnivals draw from. However, this is where the genre bending comes into play. Singer Cal Green’s deep post-punk-inspired vocals fill in every crack that’s been left unfilled, mingling the lower register with sparse chorused chords, a satisfying combination of his solid foundation with the off-kilter sound of the backing.

The combination of the solid foundation of vocals and brutalised bass sound with the mobile guitar and drum fills is testament to the band’s artistic ability and creative vision. Carnivals don’t want to be an average rock band. They want to be a psychedelic post-punk indie trendsetter and they’re well on their way with this latest release.

The new single ‘Leave It All Behind’ is out now – and available on iTunes here.

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