LISTEN: Cop Graveyard – ‘Are You Happy You’re Here?’

I’ve been reading the work of famed dead rock critic Lester Bangs recently, and come to the conclusion that for my writing to reach something beyond, I need excessive personal anecdotes that only partially relate to the feeling the new Cop Graveyard EP fills me with.

So I’m reminded of all the times I go to rock shows with some friends, hanging out, smoking weed bro! and downing massive cans to phat guitar sounds from phat guitar amps. Or something. All the while you’re scared for your life because who the fuck isn’t? People you shouldn’t trust.

The fact is, ‘Are You Happy You’re Here’ is just four tracks from an album that has now been scrapped; four tracks that have been laying dormant in the Cop Graveyard songbook for ages. These four tracks are breezy, loud noise pop heavily indebted to the lo-fi lords and masters Teen Suicide and Elvis Depressedly. Four tracks about hating everything and loving everything, four tracks about whatever. It’s just goddamn bittersweet lo-fi chunks of bittersweet goodness and if you don’t like it, I dunno, do whatever. Just be glad some poor sucker is still doing this kind of music in 2017, because it’s good.

‘Are You Happy You’re Here’ is free for download on Bandcamp.

Eliot Humphreys, a.k.a. Cop Graveyard, is playing at and putting on a show in Glasgow on 25th June at 13th Note. Emperor X and Christian Holden (of The Hotelier) are headlining. For more information, head here.

Find Cop Graveyard on Facebook and Twitter.

Lee Whear
Amber Leaf-smoking lover of God-given rock & roll, also writes for Hooting & Howling and thnksfrthrvw

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