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With the season’s changing and the night’s getting longer, we thought it was time for a new regular segment on Bitter Sweet Symphonies. So what better way to share some of our favourite new songs than through a weekly playlist? So may we introduce you to the start of something great – “Playlist Friday’s”.

FYFE – Holding On

‘Holding On’ is the new single from soulful crooner, Paul Dixon aka. Fyfe. An emotionally-fraught love song about the troubles of being in a long distance relationship, trying to keep the spark alive. Another cinematic masterpiece from this young artist.

Out Now

MOTHXR – Victim

‘Victim’ with a guitar riff that sounds like it’s come straight out of Peace’s ‘Wraith’, whether that’s a good use of a sample or just a nice coincidence. It doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a smooth sounding, kick-ass, sax solo, electro, jazz infused powerhouse of a song. Clearly, MOTHXR are aiming high with the music they make but they definitely have the talent and prowess to back it up in spades. And if you didn’t know, their lead singer is actor Penn Badgley.

Out Now

Black Honey – Teenager

‘Teenager’ is a swaggering, dreamy rock song with bright pop inflections and jangly guitars from Brighton upstarts Black Honey. They still have yet to release an official début single, as this track is still only a demo, they clearly have all the makings of a band that has the power to really make a mark in this industry. The perfect song to soundtrack hazy summer nights or even cold winter nights. Turn this one up.

‘Teenager’ will be released as a limited run of 350 vinyls going out on 7″ vinyl of Black Honey’s ‘Sleep Forever’ & ‘Teenager’.

The Mispers – Shoulder

The Mispers are no strangers to our ears, having the pleasure of hearing their new single live this summer, we were very pleased to hear that ‘Shoulder’ is the new single. A rolling landscape of passionate vocals, and a patchwork of jagged guitars, elegant violins and pounding percussion, it’s a sonic dream for your ears.

For a song that’s about finding inner confidence and learning how to express one’s love for someone, the moving parts are just as raw and intricate as the sentiment. The Mispers keep showing us just enough to leave us hanging with each new release, but what we want to know is where’s the full length? We’re ready for it, like NOW.

Out 16th November

Jim Hickey – Just To Find

Jim Hickey is a Maltese artist based out of Berlin. ‘Just To Find’ was recorded live to a vintage 16 track tape machine, the track in all it’s lo-fi glory is a testament to the raw emotion and sentiment behind the track. Lyrically, the song has a somewhat jaded outlook on life, yet Hickey’s burning, searing vocal is gloriously enchanting and adds flavour to the beguiling soundscape.

Out Now

Carousels & Limousines – Don’t Look Down

‘Don’t Look Down’ is a nostalgic, cigarette-stained ride from start to finish. Amped up with gritty, smoky blues rhythms, a gravely vocal from singer,  Sam Gotley and bags of charm to keep you coming back for more, it’s just enough of a tease for the full EP that is coming out later this year.

Taken from their new EP ‘Strange Love’ out Nov 17th

HABITATS – Peace of Mind

Sharp roaring guitar melodies soar over intricately dishevelled percussion. After instantly capturing your attention, now they’ve achieved that, they want to send you into a fever fuelled frenzy. ‘Peace of Mind’ is only HABITATS second release, yet they show so much sophistication and a deep understanding of their craft that it’s hard to grasp that they are still a band finding their feet in this industry. What’s for certain is that ‘Peace of Mind’ is one hell of a statement of intent, we love Foals, now we freaking love HABITATS.

Out 3rd November 

Girl Friend – Stop

Manchester’s dark pop purveyors may lurk in the shadows but with new single ‘Stop’ they again rise out of their obscurity and knock it straight out of the park. ‘Stop’ is an alluring taste of  brooding sexuality. Incessant, magical and a little bit naughty. 

Out Now

The DuBarrys – This Time

The DuBarrys rare blend of ambient folk rock is the perfect cure for the winter blues. With a chorus that just won’t quit, sailing guitars, luscious vocals and impeccable lyricism, it’s hard not to fall in love straight away with this band. ‘This Time’ is taken from the band’s début self-titled EP.

Out Now

Joel Baker – Hot Air Balloon (All I Want Is You)

Nottingham’s Joel Baker dropped this beauty earlier in the week. A heartfelt and sincere confession of love that is drenched in emotion enough to make you shed a tear. It’s just a little demo, but completely irresistible and totally enveloping.

That’s the power of good songwriting, a universal sentiment and an emotive vocal. Sometimes you don’t need layers and layers of production to connect with a listener. What Joel Baker has given us with this track hits the heart in ways that leave will you wounded and gasping for air in an instant.

Out Now

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