LISTEN: Crows – ‘Unwelcome Light’

Is there anything more ominous than a crow? Whether they circle you in life or on film, they’re perceived as menacing, dangerous, and an omen of fear. Perhaps this is why Crows chose their name; it perfectly encapsulates the layer of gloomy foreboding presence in their track Unwelcome Light.

With a slow build kicked off by a filthy sounding bass line, the track saunters and swaggers like a back alley drug dealer, channelling the garage rock revivalism of Ty Segall and Wavves, and teaming it with a voice not dissimilar in delivery to Sid Vicious.

Though it hardly reeks of sophistication, the huge, cacophonous sound of the instrumental creates an interesting contrast with the claustrophobic lyricism of the song. It’s very enjoyable, and savagely aggressive, making it a must for thrashing about in a small sweaty club, especially with the tempo change towards the tail end of the track.

Unwelcome Light is available to listen to now, having been released in the run up to the band’s new EP of the same name. It’s out on March 25th.

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