LISTEN: Wolf & Moon – ‘Garden of Potential’

Utrecht duo Wolf & Moon debut with ‘Garden of Potential’, a beautifully crafted, flowing track that, just as the title suggests, opens up to a world of possibilities.

Shortly after meeting, Stefanie and Dennis journeyed across the US and some parts of Sweden as Wolf & Moon, and have compressed the multifaceted impressions of their voyage on one LP.

‘Garden of Potential’ opens with a reversed sound and plunges the listener into the song’s main guitar arpeggio, which has a multidimensional quality, the force of fallow lands ready for harvest.

A melodic ‘mmm’, sung by Stefanie’s fragile vocal, is looped on top, and sets the base from which the main voice comfortably develops the lyrical content. The contrast of tones works perfectly and reminds one of Angus & Julia Stone, with mixed vibes from Caribou and Local Natives.

The song drifts into other sections but still stays within that multidimensional space, and by the end you are feeling as if you really are in a garden.

This debut song, taken from their upcoming LP, couldn’t work better in terms of sound and of concept. It shows that Wolf & Moon have really spent time to develop their craft, let the style sink in, and are now letting us into their newly built house by first showing us what the garden looks like. And, indeed, it looks like there is a lot of potential in it.

The single ‘Garden of Potential’ is released on 28th July 2017, and available to Pre-Order now.

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