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PREMIERE: Dome Hall – ‘Nason’

Dome Hall follow up last month’s debut release with ‘Nason’, a contemplative track that shows the introspective side of the band’s songwriting craft.

Imbuing a characteristic summery quality that is so unique to Dome Hall, a dreamy guitar riff kicks off the track building into an unconventional chorus with a very original and emotive melody that becomes increasingly evocative as the song matures. Further nuance is achieved within the lyrical themes revealing a slight transference of melancholy: “Whatever happened to me,” questions vocalist Danny Lynd as shimmers of tonal discord embrace his unease. Amplifying this surge of bewilderment, graceful saxophone lines envelop the soundscape, somehow evoking the scene of a Hopper painting and the sensation of being in the midst of the ocean, or in a small creek, trying to find the bath of some ancient nymph.

Dome Hall showcase a detailed understanding of the use of dynamics throughout the track to create five minutes of music that leaves you wanting more; taking you from the midst of that ocean back to shore, and in the process (almost) curing the melancholy of which the song grapples with. Only in the last few bars do you remember how the track started, and that’s when you realise the overarching structure of the song.

‘Nason’ is the sophomore single of Dome Hall’s four-track debut EP that will unfold during the coming months. The band are also building their reputation in the local scene with a string of headline and support shows in venues such as Think Tank. It certainly feels like Dome Hall are building on solid ground, and we look forward to the third single with enthusiasm.

In support of the release, Dome Hall will be playing a gig at Little Buildings in Newcastle this evening. Tickets are £3 OTD, more information can be found here.

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