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PREMIERE: Fins Ara – ‘Veer’

‘Veer’ is the profound new single from Barcelona-born songwriter Fins Ara and the first of three releases forming his debut EP ‘A Love, Elusive’.

The song itself is made purely of piano and vocals over the subtle creaking of floorboards which only adds to its rawness and vulnerability, while the production echoes the self professed influence of Bon Iver and Daughter.

A lover of french impressionism, Fins Ara uses delicate imagery to conjure up a sense of melancholy and lyrically, the lofty verses would not feel out of place amid a collection of poems.

Despite the familiar subject matter, ‘Veer’ is a genuine and relatable perspective on the confusion, doubt and isolation surrounding relationships. Manoeuvring through themes of unrequited love and misdirection with fragile piano arrangements and lingering falsetto, he builds ever so gently to a haunting, ethereal refrain.

The track as a whole feels fleeting and somehow unresolved but leaves a sense of hopeless optimism as the piano descends softly into silence.

The debut single ‘Veer’ is released Friday 19th May 2017.

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